Equity Release

Yacht – Private Aircraft - Real Estate


Our Equity Release programs are a great opportunity for clients to free-up cash tied up in assets they already own, whether it is a yacht, an aircraft or property, by mortgaging it to a lender.

In today’s challenging market conditions, the credit approval process has become quite complex, but as soon as an agreement is reached, the resulting conditions of the agreement can be very favourable, allowing the use of the equity for higher yield investments.

OMYS Consulting has wide experience of structuring such Equity Release arrangements and is able to demonstrate the advantages of this type of project, such as when handled by OMYS Consulting it can often be arranged within a very reasonable time-frame, given the pre-existing ownership.

So if you already own one or more assets and would like to understand what sort of Equity can be released from them, do not hesitate to contact us to prepare an Evaluation. The documents below highlight some of the indicative terms likely to be encountered.

For assets that are already mortgaged by a lender, please refer to our Cash-Out Refinancing products.

PDF logoEquity Release for Yacht Owners

PDF logoEquity Release for Aircraft Owners

PDF logoEquity Release for Real Estate Owners