Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” - Mark Twain

Our purpose is to assist and advise our clients in leveraging real estate ownership, acquisition and investment by the use of financial instruments dedicated to property optimization.

Our property finance solutions are addressed to:

Private clients:

  • in the process of buying or building property;
  • who own property and would like to free-up cash by mortgaging it and use the equity for a higher yield investment;
  • owning mortgaged property, who would like to: (i) obtain better conditions in terms of credit structuring (term, guarantees, balloon payment); (ii) extend a loan facility at maturity.

Real Estate investors:

  • having development projects on the French Riviera, French Alps, the UK, Monaco
  • looking for equity and/or debt to fund the development

 Eligible locations:

  • France, Monaco
  • Italy, Spain, Greek Islands
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium
  • Singapore, Hong Kong

 We aimin to provide an unique and optimal solution to each client’s situation. Clients come to see us with an idea, either linked to property they already have in their private or professional portfolio, or with an acquisition project.

This is the starting point of a global discussion and thorough analysis of their balance sheet to identify the best strategy to serve the client’s purpose.

In this sense, we are more than a conventional mortgage broker:

  • we strive to minimize lending costs, but this is only part of our mission
  • we always keep in mind that the most obvious solution on the market is not necessarily the most cost-effective for the client.
  • each case is assessed by one of our senior partners, in collaboration, where necessary, with a bilingual/native consultant (English, French, Italian, Russian speaker).
  • we work with key providers in all strategic locations to access competitive financing programs tailored to the client’s situation or asset location.

Based on our banking background and close relationship with lender’s teams:

  • we are able to anticipate the credit committee’s expectations
  • we are able to think ahead and defuse potential blocking points, thus allowing for faster credit decision
  • we obtain better options in terms of loan structuring and guarantees

Our intervention has allowed on many occasions for complex transactions to meet their lending solution.