OMYS Consulting has been founded to meet the needs of professionals involved in high-end asset acquisition (property, yachts, private aircraft).

Our role is to provide accurate, timely, high quality analysis and advice to decision-makers, based on the use of a comprehensive and unique range of project management tools.

Why OMYS Consulting? The economic climate has changed dramatically over the last years. New regulations as well as new market dynamics make it very challenging to efficiently manage acquisition and ownership optimization projects.

Only few experienced professionals have the capability to anticipate and understand the economic developments, to match all parties’ requirements and offer efficient management solutions, and this is precisely what OMYS Consulting is about. Our dedicated team of senior advisors will help, guide and advise you through the whole process.



                   Prime corporations in Europe, the USA and Asia

                   International law firms

                   Sales brokers and agencies specialized in high end transactions

                   Prime developers and main contractors