The acquisition of a Private Aircraft follows a strict economic logic, given the type of asset and its use, which is often business oriented. Though owning a private aircraft undeniably has many advantages that cannot be financially quantified (such as flexibility, reactivity, comfort...), its purchase, in the current financial context, also has obvious economic grounds.

OMYS Consulting, in collaboration with its specialized international partners, will help you optimize such acquisition, by structuring competitive financial products for the purpose of financing the acquisition cost of your Private Aircraft, arranging Equity Release or Cash-out Refinancing solutions through:

  • Asset based loans
  • Operating leases
  • Financial leases

Our team will manage all sides of your financial project as follows:

  • conducting negotiations and reaching agreements with the lenders
  • drafting the credit package (credit application, compliance issues, technical presentation of the asset)
  • coordinating all actors involved (lenders, law firms, insurance companies, asset suppliers, local authorities)

Credit acceptance is a key step: we speed up process thanks to our knowledge of banking process and close relationship with key people within credit committees.
More than pricing, what makes the difference today is discussing the right level of securities: we have the right tools and arguments to find efficient solutions.

Whatever your needs and expectations, we assure you to handle the matter with the most professionalism, competence and discretion. As for all our financial solutions, we will offer you a large panel of customized services to cover all sides of the transaction. By using our experience in banking procedures and requirements, we will ease the way towards a timely delivery.