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March 2018

Dear clients and partners, our team is happy to bring to you an overview of the Yacht Finance market, made in cooperation with OMYS Monaco, our partner specialized in providing analysis, advice and market research for the Yachting industry. Please find the whole article at the following link, and downloadable here PDF logo.

June 2017

Our team is happy to announce the successful financing of a private property acquisition in London by a Ukrainian client. The challenge with this transaction was country risk and enhanced compliance procedure. The successful outcome is a result of team-work from OMYS consultants, the client and the lender.

August 2016

At the beginning of the high season, OMYS successfully closed the financing of a prestige Italian built sailing yacht. This transaction, a close cooperation between the broker, lawyers, lender and OMYS, has resulted in an efficient closure. The structuring of an adapted asset finance solution, legal constraints, VAT questions and a short timeline made for an interesting challenge which was tackled with success.

This is the fifth yacht finance transaction successfully handled during the last 12 months. Our solutions in Yacht Finance now span construction finance, re-financing of existing loan facilities, equity release on yachts bought with owner’s equity and purchase finance.

OMYS furthermore sees a growing increase in real estate transactions. As independent consultants we are able to match specific client profiles and client wishes to the most appropriate financing partners.

If you have a question about financing your yacht or real estate contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call Olivier Milliex at +33 6 23 02 41 97.

March 2016

OMYS Consulting are proud to announce their presence as guest speakers on Yacht Finance matters, as well as pannel member, at the 2016 edition of the London Superyacht Investor Conference.

July 2015

OMYS Consulting is happy to provide examples of projects they have recently managed.
For information concerning similar enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yacht - Equity Release

  • Equity release on a prestigious 70m yacht - approximate asset value 50 M EUR - 60 M EUR

Yacht - Construction Finance

  • 40m Yacht - approximate asset value 14 M EUR, one and a half year remaining construction time
  • 60m Yacht - approximate asset value 40 M EUR, one year remaining construction time

Yacht - Purchase Finance

  • 24m pre-owned Yacht - approximate asset value 2.5 M EUR
  • 34m pre-owned Yacht - approximate asset value 5 M EUR
  • 45m pre-owned Yacht - approximate asset value 12 M EUR 

Mega-Yacht Insurance Solution

  • Through one of their partners, OMYS Consulting has negotiated and arranged a complete yacht insurance solution, enabling the owner to cut-down annual insurance expenses by 30% with a better cover.

Aircraft Transaction

  • OMYS has provided a complete package for one of his clients looking to upgrade his private aircraft (buying a new model with part exchange of his current aircraft)

Real Estate - Cash-Out Refinancing

  • Refinancing of a prestigious Hôtel Particulier in Paris - approximate asset value 14 M EUR

January 2014

OMYS Consulting is happy to announce their partners and clients that they are now able, under certain conditions, to offer a new asset finance solution: non-conventional loans dedicated to yachts and private aircraft, with the asset as sole collateral. This is a non-recourse and non doc loan, with no financial collateral required as security.

For more information, please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

June 2013

OMYS Consulting and SOMECASSUR, insurance broker with whom they had a successful and profitable relationship for more than 10 years have signed a cooperation agreement.

SOMECASSUR is a marine insurance specialist, providing insurances for Super and Mega Yachts (Hull & Machinery, Liabilities, P&I, Medical Crew insurances, War risks, Builder’s risks… )

This insurance broker, appointed by the most important international insurances groups is in a position to offer you the best custom insurance terms and the most competitive rates, in view of the number of vessels insured through the world and its 42-year experience in services for large private yachts.

June 2013

OMYS Consulting recently set up two new bank relationships with leading European banks for the implementation and development of new Yacht Finance products. These new partnerships allow us to offer efficient financial solutions, best fitted with clients' expectations nowadays, with attractive terms and conditions compared to the traditional players.

March 2013

OMYS Consulting is happy to announce they have two non-European partners (Asia and US based), providing pure asset finance solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Using these new products, we are able to offer, subjet to fulfilling the eligibility conditions, asset based financing (no private banking relation as pre-requisite) for Yachts, Private Jets, or a mixture of both.

January 2013

Starting January 2013, OMYS Consulting is working in collaboration with Monaco based broker Nakhimov (see related news), to offer yacht finance solutions suited to their clients' needs.
For more information, do check related article in Yacht Russia n°49 February-March 2013.

September 10th - 15th 2013, Cannes - France

Meet us for the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes, openinng meeting of the new season of events for the Yachting industry.

February 2012

OMYS Consulting creates Wealth Advisory Associates together with Italian financial consulting firm Aritma Divisione Yacht Financing.